VW CALIFORNIA (T5 & T6) Solar Panel Kit

VW CALIFORNIA (T5 & T6) Solar Panel Kit

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Drill free bolt on kit for the VW California, SE/Ocean/Beach, T5 or T6 variants.

 A kit that requires NO DRILLING AT ALL. (this kit also works with the T5/T6 Beach variant - just let us know and we supply different cable lengths specific to the Beach - the solar regulator is put in the jack compartment). £399 for a complete 110W kit. There is also the option to go for two panels giving you 220Watts of solar power.

Kit Details:

Due to customer requests, we've created a slimline kit that slots into the VW T5 & T6 California (Ocean/Coast/Beach) roof rails with cabling that shuts in the tailgate (or you can pass it through an existing tailgate grommet - instructions provided).

Below: 2019 California kit with 110W EFTE panel with optional Victron Bluetooth MPPT charger. Current panels are black on black.

There is a long waiting list for T5/T6 California roof warranty replacements due to the well publicised blistering paint issue, and understandably, owners are not willing to stick anything to, or drill holes in their roof. This is why we created this kit. It combines the best of both worlds - you get a slimline panel that won't take you over the height limit for French toll roads etc, but it doesn't need bonding to your roof.

The panel measures, at it's highest point, 18mm. Beacuse the roof is curved, it acually measure less than that. If you have an awning fitted, this panel actually protrudes less in height.

Above: easy to use brackets that slide into the roof rails. Corners are rounded and nut caps provided to stop snagging of roof covers.

The kit features:

- Foam backed panel edges to protect paintwork.

- Easy slide-in system to your existing roof rails.

- Waterproof connector that lives in the roof rail, or under the panel.

- LCD display solar regulator (we recommend the MPPT upgrade for this type of panel which you can select when ordering)

- All cables needed to connect to your leisure battery.

- Solar cable can be unplugged and stowed in the van

- Photo instructions include step by step details on how to route the solar cable through an existing tail gate grommet for a neater installation.

- Can be used with roof bars.

Note: The appearance of the panel may vary depending on current stock . Currently they are black cells on a white backing.

The standard kit has a flat cable that is pushed into the space between the tailgate and the bodywork when the roof is down - this excess cable is required to allow the roof to lift. A new option we now offer is a stretching curly cord. No need to tuck any cable away when the roof is lowered.

Below : 2019 110w Panel EFTE "knobly" coating absorbs more light than a flat surface.

Below: Foam backing protects roof.

 Note: Specifications tab shows shipping dimensions and weight, not product dimensions and weight



Dimension (L x W x H) 142 x 57 x 6 Centimetre
Weight 6.5 Kilogram

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