VW T4 T5 T6 Stick-on Solar Panel Kit

VW T4 T5 T6 Stick-on Solar Panel Kit

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Now we are pleased to present the VW Camper T4/T5/T6 Ultra-slim Flexible 120Watt Solar Kit. A complete kit with everything you need for a neat installation. There is also a 240W option in the "shop" page.

NOTE: For Bongos, please let us know and we will supply the correct size panel

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With VW Campers, particularly the T4 and T5, the roof is quite low, which makes rigid framed solar panels quite obvious and not so attractive. For this reason, we have selected an thin 120 watt solar panel that is bonded onto the roof (tin-top or elevating) with super strong specialist adhesive.

The result is a super sleek installation, pretty much invisible from ground level. (A Bongo above with a mushroom aftermarket roof)

The VW T4/T5 kit includes everything you need:

110 Watt ultra-thin solar panel (less than 2KG), all cables, connectors, flexible adhesive (Your choice of black or white), gun for adhesive, 10Amp LCD display charger, and printed step by step, clear instructions aimed at the DIY novice (including a hole cutting template for the MPPT charger option remote LCD display). The adhesive is slow setting and can be wiped off with a cloth resulting in a stress free installation.

There is enough cable to cater for all leisure battery locations, whether in the front, middle, or back of your VW.

Above: Detailed fitting instructions.

Below: 2020 Black Dual EFTE panel (frame is not part of the stick on kit).

Visit the MPPT charger page for details about more efficient charger options.

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Dimension (L x W x H) 142 x 57 x 6 Centimetre
Weight 5.8 Kilogram