Bongo/Freda 100 Watt Solar Kit

Bongo/Freda 100 Watt Solar Kit

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Bolt on kit for Mazda Bongo & Ford Freda

The Bongo kit comprises of: 1x 100w solar panel, 1 x 10 amp LCD Display solar charger regulator, all brackets, bolts, cables, connectors, fuses, and a printed installation manual. 

Select which roof type you have (Most AFT roofs are the standard style (above). Newer Bongos have an obvious raised bump at the rear of the roof  (below)- these require slightly different bracket dimensions). You can also select to upgrade the standard charger to an MPPT charger - see the MPPT page for detailed descriptions.

The Kit:

DIY solar panel installation - installed in 15 minutes. No drilling, No electrical knowledge required, Everything in the kit that you will need. If you are happy to drill a small hole in the AFT roof (which is very easy) then you can easily hide the cable

Whichever installation method you use, the panel can be quickly unplugged, unscrewed, and removed for storage, though it's fine to stay on the roof permanently - it's designed to!


The kit comes with everything you need to install it. The panel is pre-edged with a rubberised beading for roof protection and a slip-free installation, plus you get the fixings, brackets, cables, connectors, and a colour printed installation guide which includes a hole cutting template for the MPPT remote LCD panel should you buy the upgrade. 

If you just want to plug in and go then you just run the pre-made cables along the guttering of the bongo and into the bonnet by the passenger wiper. When you have more time you can install the cable under the interior panels - it's a simple case of popping the bottoms off and tucking the wire behind.

The kit includes an advanced solar charger regulator with a built in display which can cycle through several modes. This tells you your battery voltage, and, very interestingly, how much solar power your panel is generating at any given time! (plus you can query your total cumulative solar power figures). 

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