Off grid, no hookup, no extra pitch fees. No charging before you set off.



The VW Cali, T5/T6 and Bongo kits require no drilling at all. Designed with clear instructions for the DIY novice.


No fees for using credit cards

We have removed the 1.5% fee for using credit cards as of 19/07/2017

We have had to remove Paypal as a payment option due to the excessive charges.


10W for free! 

Our current stock of EFTE slim panels (VW Cali/T5/T6 kits) are rated at 110 Watts, at the same price as they were when at 100 watts

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Solar Panel Kits With Step By Step Installation Instructions

Our solar kits have been made with the DIY novice in mind. Everything you will need is included and the fitting guides contain clear step by step instructions with colour photos.

Click on an image below to see the full kit options - including MPPT chargers (at least 20% more power from the same panel)


Now we are pleased to present the VW Camper T4/T5/T6



Bolt on kit for Mazda Bongo & Ford Freda

The Bongo kit



A bolt on, drill free kit for VW T5 and T6 vans 



Drill free bolt on kit for the VW California

 A kit that


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